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Baked Wild Salmon with a Lemon Butter Caper Sauce

A delicious, simple baked salmon fillet dish with a terrific tasty sauce

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Sometimes, it’s the Soul We Need to Feed

An insane amount of flowering going on in the garden…

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Potato, Leek, Cheese and Sage Frittata

Recipe: Tortilla (or is it a Frittata?) with Potatoes, Cheese, Leek & Sage

A very tasty deep potato omelette–lovely for a warm winter supper or a Spring Picnic

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Food Blogger Voices

Talking about *identity* and *ownership* in cooking blogs, and what appeals to me in this groaning, stuffed blogoshpere full of all the recipes you could ever want or need.

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Pale Golden Celery Soup Recipe

A wonderful colour, warming and tasty celery soup

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