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Potato, Leek, Cheese and Sage Frittata

Recipe: Tortilla (or is it a Frittata?) with Potatoes, Cheese, Leek & Sage

A very tasty deep potato omelette–lovely for a warm winter supper or a Spring Picnic

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Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes with Lemon

Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes Recipe with Lemon

A hot, vegetarian side dish, but with a fresh as summer taste. And quick too…

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Ratatouille Recipe

Pepper-less ratatouille recipe

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Maltese Baked Potatoes Recipe

Maltese potatoes recipe, a delicious and different casserole.

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Recipe Method: Slow Fried Roast Potatoes

A method and recipe to slow roast potatoes on the stove top instead of in the oven.

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