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Sometimes, it’s the Soul We Need to Feed

An insane amount of flowering going on in the garden…

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Cupcakes are the “My Little Pony” of Baking…

So my husband says, but tweeness does not put him off eating them. Read about me and my first cupcake, and some thoughts on the weird and wacky world of cupcake making.

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Normal service will be resumed

Doing a site upgrade here at Hampshirecook. Would like to say it is all going well, but it’s not really. Watch this space…and all the other spaces where my pix used to be! Oh well…these things are sent to try us.  Maybe it will look better in the end but I am yet to be […]

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A Brief BBC “MasterChef” Rant…

I do have some very interesting recipes queued up, but have not published latterly because photography is lacking, will remedy this soon.  Meantime, I would like to make a comment about bloody MasterChef, the BBC TV competition for amateur cooks.  The new series is underway in the UK with a huge set, multi-kitchen stations, limited larders and bright, harsh spotlighting and […]

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“Can Jaffa Cakes Make Me High”…Er, Wot?

Before I started all this blogging lark, I had no idea that when you land on a blog/website, the search term typed to get you there is visible to the authors/designers of the site.  Most searches are just sensible and to the point, phrases like “giblet gravy” or “roasting a chicken temperature“.  A few do stand out […]

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