Perennial Cornflower

Sometimes, it’s the Soul We Need to Feed

An insane amount of flowering going on in the garden...

Potato, Leek, Cheese and Sage Frittata

Recipe: Tortilla (or is it a Frittata?) with Potatoes, Cheese, Leek & Sage

A very tasty deep potato omelette--lovely for a warm winter supper or a Spring Picnic

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Food Blogger Voices

Talking about *identity* and *ownership* in cooking blogs, and what appeals to me in this groaning, stuffed blogoshpere full of all the recipes you could ever want or need.

Spring Recipes

Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes with Lemon

Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes Recipe with Lemon

A hot, vegetarian side dish, but with a fresh as summer taste. ...

John Kirby’s Recipe: Crabmeat Ravioli with Sage Butter

John Kirby's Guest Post: Crabmeat Ravioli with Sage Butter. A lovely starter, ...

Ratatouille Recipe

Pepper-less ratatouille recipe

Recent Posts from Hampshirecook

Zen Shrooms

Zen and the Art of Making Meatballs

2012: Musings on Making Meatballs

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Mincemeat Ingredients

My AltPunk Christmas: The Vodka Mincemeat Recipe

An alternative and gorgeous mincemeat recipe.

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The Macaroon Charity Diet

A tip for those keen bakers on a diet who still want to make cakes…

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I Shouldn’t Even Share This: Prawn / Shrimp Curry Recipe

An exceptionally quick prawn/shrimp curry recipe, the tastiest dish I know…

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Cupcakes are the “My Little Pony” of Baking…

So my husband says, but tweeness does not put him off eating them. Read about me and my first cupcake, and some thoughts on the weird and wacky world of cupcake making.

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